Babysitting Terms & Conditions

I/We, the undersigned are the parent(s) of the above named child/children and we agree, in consideration of the child care service provided by Telluride Sitters, LLC, to release and hold harmless Telluride Sitters, LLC,  its agents, members, managers, employees, and contract employees, from any and all claims, demands, suits, costs and charges, in connection with or arising out of the child care service, including but not limited to, bodily harm or injury, injury resulting in death to your child/children.

At no time, shall Telluride Sitters, LLC, its agents, members, managers, and/or employees, be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from any and all reservation placements with a Telluride Sitters, LLC referral, including any non-negligent acts of commission or omission on the owner, agents, members, managers, employees, or contract employees, sent to the undersigned. 

The undersigned also agrees that Telluride Sitters, LLC shall not be held liable for the reimbursement of any fees arising from any possible incidental’s costs, medical costs, court costs or attorneys’ fees stemming from any claim that may be made by any person.

            The undersigned agrees to inform Telluride Sitters, LLC of any additional dates/times that are in addition to the original reservation placement.  The undersigned agrees to pay a $75.00-$100.00 fee incurred due to a cancellation less than 24 hours. Same day cancellations are non-refundable. Rates are subject to change at any time.
            The undersigned agrees to all rates, policies and fees associated to providing services with Telluride Sitters, LLC. The undersigned agrees to Telluride Sitters charging the credit card placed on file for necessary payments upon completion of services.

The undersigned agrees not to privately engage in business of any kind with the contract employee referred to my family through Telluride Sitters, LLC.  I understand that each contracted sitter has signed an agreement with Telluride Sitters, LLC that prohibits him/her from doing any additional work for a past or present client of Telluride Sitters, LLC without written consent.

            I/We, the undersigned, request that the contract sitter (referred through Telluride Sitters, LLC) seek emergency medical care for my child/children; if both emergency contacts are unreachable and the situation warrants necessary medical emergency attention.

Toy & Baby Gear Rental Terms & Conditions

By the way of ordering and paying for rental items from Telluride Sitters, LLC, the customer is agreeing to the following terms and understands that this release of liability covers every item that has been rented. Telluride Sitters, LLC is committed to providing a quality rental service for families visiting the San Juan Mountain region. We believe that creating a home away from home environment and offering top of the line convenience items will enhance the experiences of families traveling to this area. All equipment is cleaned and sanitized between each use. Items are carefully selected and monitored for safety. Customers are responsible for knowledge of all policies. 

The customer is responsible for all items from time of delivery to time of pickup. The customer will be charged for the replacement of any item broken or missing – including pieces missing from toys, etc. All deliveries and installations are photographed for reference should there be any damage or missing items upon pickup. 

 Portable Cribs (Pack-n-Play, Medium and Full Size Cribs): includes 1 sheet fitted specifically for the crib. There will be $15 charged for each item of bedding not returned. Our cribs are able to be moved or relocated with out additional cost or fees for moving the cribs.

 High Chairs, Bath Tubs, Diaper Pails, Boosters, Bumbos:  Please adhere to all safety procedures and warning signs to keep your child safe. Telluride Sitters, LLC absolves all responsibility from the equipment once it is placed in your lodging unit.  Telluride Sitters, LLC provides manufacturer grantee on all sitting equipment. 
Swings, Jumpers, Bouncers & Toys:  Telluride Sitters, LLC is not responsible for damage to any lodges due to the rental of our toys or equipment. We keep accurate records of toys that are delivered. Upon inspection and cleaning we find that toys or pieces are missing, we will contact you for either the return of the toys or to inform you of the charge for replacement. We also ask that you do not place toys not made for use in water in baths or water of any kind. 
Strollers: Each stroller receives maintenance after each use.  We strongly urge you to use the leashes provided for safety and become familiar with all the safety mechanisms on the equipment. Our BOB Strollers can hold up to 70lbs and our BabyTrend Double hold up to 85lbs. It is not recommended to put any child in the stroller without buckling them properly. Please use the strollers on roadways and light trails. We suggest our kid-carriers for hiking. For any lost or stolen strollers, the full retail value of the stroller will be billed directly to the customer.  Damaged Strollers will be billed based on estimate to repair.
Osprey Kid-carrier: Each kid-carrier is manufactured differently and provided is a tutorial on how to use Osprey Poco AG kid-carriers. Like a back-country back pack trying on the carrier and adjusting it to your own level of comfort. It is important to ensure the highest safety for your child: NEVER PUT THE CHILD INTO THE CARRIER WHILE THE PACK IS ON YOU.  Please reference instructions in the storage back-pack part of the kid-carrier. 

The Customer will use the equipment only for and in accordance with its intended use and pursuant to any instructions provided therewith. Loss or damage to the equipment, reasonable wear and tear expected, is the responsibility of the Customer. In no event will Telluride Sitters, LLC be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury (including death) caused by or arising out of the use of any equipment provided by Telluride Sitters, LLC or the failure of the equipment to function as intended. Full right, title and ownership of the equipment will always remain vested with Telluride Sitters, LLC. It is the Customer’s responsibility to examine the equipment prior to use to determine fitness and state of repair and to return the equipment in the same state of repair and cleanliness as when delivered. If an item is broken beyond reasonable repair and cannot be rented, in addition to the full rental charge, the customer will be charged for replacement of item with the same or equal value. 

An understanding that there exist certain risks of injury from the use or misuse of such items, including the potential risk of acute injury, disability or death from the use of such items. The customer knowingly and freely assumes all such risks, both known and unknown, and assumes full responsibility for use of such items.