NOTE: Our COVID policies discuss mask wearing and managing health.  As a company, we strongly request that all adults in the home are wearing masks when interacting with our sitters. Maintain 6 ft AND mask wearing.  We also request that any child over 3 years of age has a mask during their contact time with our sitters.  The ONLY way we can keep the team working is to have everyone protected. Telluride Sitters needs further protection due to their daily exposure rate. Any child over 3 years needs some mask protection. 


San Miguel County Website

Vaccinated?  That is exciting! We still request that you have a mask handy for all interactions with our Telluride Sitters before and after the sitting. 

Anyone staying in the home needs to wear a mask with our sitters at all times! No exceptions. 

The safest summer our sitters prefer is being outside, limiting adults in the home while the sitter is providing services and having your child with a mask to wear when necessary.