Your Trusted Choice for Child
Care Services in Telluride

Telluride Sitters offers babysitting and toy and baby gear rentals.  Locally owned and operated, we are the established child care service you turn to during your vacation or holiday in Telluride. Along with our experienced, certified babysitters, we offer toy rentals and equipment for children, providing the things you may have forgotten – or can’t travel with because the equipment is too big. We try to beat or match all bag fees, helping you SAVE & CARRY LESS.

Go have your fun.  Because your kids will!
Our mission is to provide premier service through fun and safe activities; leaving lasting memories for your children and family to return to Telluride, CO

Take a look at some of our services to see why we should be your trusted choice for child care and babysitting during your Telluride vacation:

    • We begin care-giving for children ages 2 months and up
    • We have experienced babysitters who can care for children with special needs
    • All sitters are over 21 and are CPR and First Aid certified
    • Our private babysitters come to you! You will not be troubled with transportation concerns,
    • Adults in the home? No problem…we will continue to charge for the amount of children staying in the home, while we are babysitting
    • We do NOT care for sick children and reserve the right to end the service in the event a child becomes sick, while in our care
    • We are an inclusive sitting company. If you prefer a vaccinated sitter, that must be noted in the “caregiver notes” section of the booking. 
    • We try and confirm all bookings 10-14 days before the booking date. Please Text: 970-708-0170 & be sure notifications are turned on in the Sitter Pro app.
    • We are a service industry and accept gratuity

Telluride Sitters provides age-appropriate learning activities to maintain the continuum of development; we will not just put your child in front of a television unless that is what you request

    • We can provide toy & baby gear equipment as well through our rental service, and will come to you and set it up if requested



      Use the Sitter Pro Smart Phone App

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    • You may Call/Text us directly at 970-708-0170 for admin support. We accept bookings through the phone, yet there may be a delay in response
    • Please review our sitter bio pages and for verification of vetting in our Sitter Pro app

Cancellations with in 24 hours are assessed a $100.00-$150.00 fee. Please book 48 hours in advance. Same day reservations may incur elevated pricing. Rates are subject to change at any time.

SICK CHILD POLICY:  We do NOT care for sick children and reserve the right to end the service in the event a child becomes sick, while in our care.