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Welcome to the Western Slope Early Education Services Page! We provide workshops &  coaching for parents, sleep training, assessments, goal setting and behavior management for children birth through eight years of age. The Western Slope Early Education Services (WSEES) provides parents with a variety of tools to support their growing family.

WHY GET HELP WITH EARLY EDUCATION?Providing  resources for new parents can help ease the transition of having a new member in the family and household.

We focus on Early Education. Some parents are past the baby phase, and may be struggling in another area of the ages and stages of development.  By reaching out to expand your “tool box” we are growing more stable and consistent families.

Families can grow into a climate that builds relationships in their home.   We help aid in this process.  Based on each client’s specific needs, we shape our plans to fit your family’s needs.  As the needs change, our assessment team will help develop the momentum you need to keep building secure bonds with your growing family.

~ Love & Logic
~ Non-Violent Communication Strategies
~ Expanding Quality for our Infants & Toddlers Framework
~ Positive Behavior Supports

~ Provide observation & consulting on behaviors, sleep management, problem solving and organizational skill building
~ Coaching
~Assess and determine needs

~ Learn basics for child care, parenting, communicating with our new baby
~ Develop a framework of parenting styles
~ Coaching
~Relationship & Empathy building

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We look forward to building a strong home with you.

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